Tail Lift Repairs

Do you need tail lift repairs?
Has the machinery for your tail lift stopped working correctly? Has the equipment become damaged from wear and tear or vandalism? Or has the lift been accidentally damaged or in need of refurbishment?

Whatever tail lift repairs you need, you can depend on our specialist team. From minor to major damage or electronic faults, our tail lift engineers will be able to help you. Whatever vehicle you have, rest assured you're in good hands with us.

How our tail lift repairs service can help you
For your convenience we are available 24 hours for bookings. We're completely dedicated to making your life as easy as possible and even keep our prices competitive for your advantage.

Our repair service comes to you, so wherever you are in the UK, we can help repair or service your tail lift.

  • Have you got a vehicle that needs a tail-lift repaired and serviced? Whether for goods to be loaded or for disabled access, we can install tail-lifts for your vehicle.
  • You can have a tail-lift installed for permanent usage or we can provide you with units to fit and remove specially, whenever it's needed. We can also provide fittings for minibuses andcoaches for your convenience.
  • From ambulances to minibuses and other vehicles, we can provide health authority tail-lift installations suited for all types of patients.
  • From minor or major damage and electronic faults to full replacements of your unit, our tail-lift repairs service will be able to help you.
  • We carry out LOLER services which are required by law every six months, checking that the tail lift is safe to use and works within LOLER regulations.
  • We install, repair and service manual and electric steps, making sure your side step or vehicle ramp is secure for any mobility impaired people, making entering and exiting a vehicle an easy task.